Adelis (Dellz) Ramos

 Dellz is a mogul and a woman of many traits! Her story began when she started her business as a mobile hairstylist in The Bronx, NYC, where she opened up her hair shop at the age of 21, all while completing her associates degree in Fashion Marketing & Management at Berkeley College located in Midtown Manhattan. Dellz later went on to create a unique hat line with signature catchy phrases & jewelry, known as “YouSnappin”. Dellz later relocated to Atlanta, GA on her journey to continue in the beauty & fashion industry with hopes of opening up a Beauty Bar. In the midst of this relocation, Dellz found interest in the adult toy line industry where she began educating herself, researching and reviewing sex education and overall sexual health/wellness. She then decided to add this new craving to her list of business endeavors. Dellz also loves teaching individuals on how to go about starting their own small businesses, she has a blog site relating to her small business consulting platform, titled, “Moguls Engage.“ With her many passions, she finally decided to build a company dedicated to all her brands, as a fail safe, for the future sake of her businesses and their exponential growth potential. This is the Sole purpose and mission of DELLZ LUXURE LLC, and why it was created originally and it is here to stay!