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Our mission is to improve the overall sexual health and wellness of individuals and couples by providing comprehensive and personalized education, products, and services. We strive to empower individuals to embrace their sexuality and enhance their intimate relationships in a safe and positive manner. Our company is committed to promoting a sex-positive culture that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and respect for all. We believe that sexual wellness is an essential component of overall well-being and aim to provide accessible and affordable resources to help individuals achieve their sexual health goals.

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide


Your new massage therapist awaits you. They're looking forward to catering to you. We are  providing the most beautiful, comfortable and exciting massages you have ever come across. Come join us with:

  • Warm Towels

  • Soft Music

  • Candle lighting 

  • Warm oils. 


We have different sessions to choose from:

call or email us for further details.

Our consultants have the necessary "hands-on" expertise required to perform and in-depth, logical, practical and critical analysis of a client's wellness needs, strategies, goals, and short and long-term objectives at each stage of wellness development and implementation.

To prove the value of our service, we involve the client in the entire consulting process from the conceptual stage to the resources and product recommendations. Getting the client involved in every functional area of the counseling, is necessary so they will understand that these areas must be given equal attention in formulating short and long-term goals and objectives. It also ensures continued success and growth in their journey.

Are you passionate about sex toys and the sex world? Join Dellz Luxure LLC Ambassador Program where you’ll be given the opportunity to obtain  exclusive incentives such as, free adult products, Friends & family discounts you can share with others, access to private events and more. We are currently seeking sex positive individuals who aren’t opposed to speaking on Sex, romance and pleasure by leveraging your social media presence, we provide you with a 15% commission on all referred sales. We are looking for attractive ladies and gentlemen of any age with an established social media or blogging presence. It is only limited by your imagination and the law. Most of our ambassadors use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and blogging.  Please visit our registration page, and fill out the form. You can begin promoting Luxure Kinks Playroom immediately and earning commissions on all referred sales! Email us to, or DM us @Dellzluxurellc subject               "ambassador“ to inquire!


Our Discreet subscription box service consists of  a box of LUXURE KINKS wellness products. These items will be selected based on your specific needs where our customers will be asked to answer a few simple questions, pick the plan that works best for them, giving them the option to select items you can intimately enjoy alone or with a partner. Inside each box, you will find your toy of the month along with 3 to 5 items that will help you explore new ways to achieve an orgasm! 

Take advantage of our expanding selection of over 100 brands and 10,000 products. Real time inventory and details each product with in house pictures and thorough product descriptions to help you shop. You can sell these products locally by hosting home parties, sell at swap marts and flea markets, sell products from your own physical store and of course you can sell products online from your website! We will build you a fully functional website on your own domain name which you can use to market and sell your products! We provide dropshipping services for our distributors so we can ship directly to your customers! This means you dont have to stock inventory yourself or worry about packaging and shipping items. As a distributor of our products, your job is to market and promote, we are here to take care of the rest!

Want to host a passion party or a friends night in? A Passion party is when a pleasure consultant will come to your designated venue and provide a night of unforgettable fun for you and your friends. From erotic products, games & exciting ways to spice up your relationship to sexual health information, a Passion party is anything but typical, & unlike shopping at a store or online, your guests will be able to learn exactly how each product works and how it can enhance your most intimate moments. The best part? Ordering is confidential so your guests can ask questions and shop in private. Want to become a home party/direct selling expert? We provide our clients with helpful lessons to help kick start your business. 


“Fulfilling Cups Foundation” is our non profit organization that started when Dellz decided to create space for busy multitasking individuals to unwind and pour into themselves. “We can’t pour from an empty cup.” It’s time for us to put ourselves first, show up for ourselves first but, with the support of others so no one feels neglected! 

It is time to focus on you, your health, your self care.

We are burning out in ways never imagined! Self-care, health, and wellness are some of the most critical aspects of our lives and we are failing ourselves. 

Let’s pour into each other for real. 

If wondering how to start a sex toy business, and sell other accessories through an eCommerce store 0r with a brick and mortal store, this workshop is one central repository of all the information you would need.  

Would you like to go on a sacral journey to understand your sexual habits ? How it could be enhanced?  Our conferences focuses on starting off motivated, supported, inspired and ready to transition into your Higher vibrational self. This event is all about planning and taking action. Our focus is on goal setting, accountability, planning our healthy lifestyle, building a support network and of course having fun. Dellz Luxure LLC mission: 

-Building a community of individuals focused on self care through sexual health wellness

-Growing our connections with other individuals.

-Learn how to transform your self with the help  of self care and wellness experts and companies who support sexual health!

See you at the Sexual Health workshop Experience!

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